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The 4840 building is the closest facility with direct airside access to the main terminal. Retrieving cargo or documents can be completed as expeditiously as possible. The main staging area for carriers is 1.3K from the warehouse. This can decrease the chance of non compliance for time definite services. Mega currently operates at 4840 Miller Road, Warehouse doors 9-19 and consists of eight dock level doors and three street level doors. This facility area consists of 31,492 SQ.FT. for warehouse floor space, 2,907 SQ.FT. office mezzanine and 5,478 SQ. FT. Warehouse level office space. The total SQ. FT. for all is 39,877 SQ.FT. with additional ULD storage space in the airside restricted area consists of 22,655 SQ.FT.. This location has been complimented by freight forwarders in the Vancouver community who can transfer their cargo with the use of forklifts instead of tractor trailer. The airside direct access also allows for quick transfers to OAL.

Mega has implemented a 24/7 digital camera surveillance system that consists of 44 high-resolution IP cameras for total warehouse, backyard and airside coverage to monitor backyard day and night. All images and video recordings are kept for one month and can be archived for later viewing if necessary. All images and video recordings can be viewed with restricted access codes over secure internet.

Mega has seven shared networked computer pods. Mega has developed customizes software to enable tracking, simplified billing, Customer Call Sheets, Warehouse Check in sheets, U.S. Entry program, Canada Customs Electronic Release, Airline Air Waybills, Dimensional weight and Volume weight charges, Warehouse locations, Security declarations, Airline Transfer Manifest, Export release, Airline Cash Reports, Import Inventory, Export Inventory, Tracing Information, Progressive Load Sheets, ULD Tracking, Canada Customs hold request and more. This software can be customized to fit all the airlines local requirements. Mega also provides complementary sales office space, parking and cleaning for our customers.